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Who's playing where from 14AA thru 18AA for the 2020-21 DVHL season?

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Minnesota Governor Tim Walz orders what could easily be understood as a stoppage of life in the name of coronavirus.

The term "Draconian" has been used often over the course of the disastrous year w...

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The Pennsylvania Department of Health added new guidelines to the already existing documentation.

The new guidelines include all youth sports participants, including ice hockey are to wear a...

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Power Play is hosting a Turkey Toss BANTAM A tournament- we've lost a team due to the interstate travel ban in NJ.  Discount for any new team that registers! Email with questions and for more info: [email protected] 


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It's the same everywhere, state governors are restricting play, from shutting down competitive play altogether to interstate travel restrictions, to making players wear masks during play. Tournaments and non-league games might b...

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Interstate Youth Sports

Also starting on Thursday, all interstate games and tournaments for indoor youth sports, up to and including high school, are prohibited. Murphy noted an increased risk in...

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Just about every rink has now turned on their LIVE BARN cameras, except BLACK BEAR.  They know parents cannot go into most rinks to watch their kids.   

So, other rinks can do it, but Black Bear cannot? 
Hatfield Ice just posted on their website that the Montgomery County Dept. of Health has shut them (and other rinks) down until 11/20 due to a COVID outbreak that occurred at a men's league game back on 10/25. No word on what other rinks are involved.

Youth hockey clubs with games there t...

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Team PHILLY.        7-1-0-0-0  21
BLAZERS.              4-0-0-0-0.  12
HAWKS.                 1-0-0-1-0.   4
PALMYRA.             2-1-0-1-0.    6
GENESIS.               3-2-0-0-0.    9
Edited: Mens league, has nothing to do with youth hockey.
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Besides Iceworks, are there any tournaments for an 18aa team Thanksgiving weekend in Eastern Pa or Jersey?
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