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Who's playing where from 14AA thru 18AA for the 2020-21 DVHL season?

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I count 25 games from 10U to 18U that have already been postponed for this upcoming weekend on the DVHL website.  Anyone want to venture how long it takes before we are shut down again because of COVID? 
Covid 19 has affected us all but I feel especially bad for our mites and even more so for those who will move up next year to squirts. 

My son (age 7) is unable to participate in any jamborees and both teams he plays for (yes, he plays for two local teams - just to increase his ice time...

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Hearing of one parent in Palmyra who pours sponsorship dollars in to get his way.  Has already wrecked hockey elsewhere and has worn out welcome in two rinks.  Be careful!
                                 W L T OTW/L
#1 BLAZERS           2-0-0-0-0
#2 HAWKS.             1-0-0-1-0
#3 KNIGHTS.          1-0-0-1-0
#4 TEAM PHILLY.   5-1-0-0-0
#5 GENESIS.           1-1-0-0-0
my hockey rankings has the Blazers destroying Haverford Hawks 6-0 or Ha...

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So our friends at AAHA issued a memo that states all players should show up at the rink needing only to put on skates, helmets and gloves.   So, just how do GOALIES do that.......How does the organization that is supposed to oversee hockey know nothing about GOALIES.  You know the phrase...the probl...

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Has anybody heard of or know of any such device that might make the rinks internet or phone data strength stronger in the rink? I asked our rink and they said repeaters would work but only for them with their wireless system. Is there anyway for a guest to get a stronger signal? We are trying to...

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Hi yall,

Got a quick question, my son is 8 years old and loves playing hockey. He has been skating since I could get him into Learn to Skate, about 4 years old. He is a very aggressive skater, no fear, and has great strength and power in his legs. However he is still falling much more...

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Anyone have experience with rinks only allowing one parent inside to live stream game. What works best? Did you use an iPhone, iPad?? Private Facebook group?

Any help is appreciated.

Does my kid have a shot at playing college hockey?
We disregarded all of the recruiters. Why aren't coaches pounding down our door?!!

COLLEGE HOCKEY: Senior year in High Sc...

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Every PA local rink (non black bear) has already somewhat conformed to occupancy limits set by Wolfe on 10/6 via their website or continues to provide LiveBarn services to its patrons. (Hatfield, Ice Line etc see below in detail)  We all did what was asked by the district, the rinks and emailed and ...

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