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Who's playing where from 14AA thru 18AA for the 2020-21 DVHL season?

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Before I begin, let me make it clear that this is not a knock on talented AAA players.  Parents of these skilled athletes have every right to be able to find appropriate competition for their kids, regardless of age level.  Your kids work very hard and deserve to be where they can find a good game.<...

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The league held a meeting last night, what was decided?

ADMIN EDIT: Edited to add DVHL logo
After reading, ask yourself if the governors recommendations are just that or actual mandates. It certainly appears to be the latter.

Full message from Bob Lombardi, below. The link to the...

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How Minor hockey will look in Ontario
- Only 50 players allowed per league
- No travel, all games / practice must be held locally
- No contact
- Early stages - strict physical distancing on-ice, no game play, limited use of bench
- Later stages - 3v3 and 4v4 games...

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The EJEPL announces temporary showcase modifications to the standard format for the immediate future.

Dear Owners, General Managers, Coaches, and Team Managers,

As we continue to plan for the upcoming August...

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Black Bear Sports Group is interested in acquiring Grundy Arena. Makes first pitch to rink and borough officials. (Full video of the meeting below)

BRISTOL, PA. Last night Bristol Borough Council discussed the future of...

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The DVHL is asking for your opinion on the league website. Are you in favor of delaying and condensing the season, or moving forward as is with safety protocols in place?

[img width=640...

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The PIAA has met with the governor to discuss his recommendation on behalf of the secretary of health today and the decision has been made to proceed with scholastic sports activities.


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In a surprise announcement during a press conference early this morning, the governor of Pennsylvania dropped a bombshell, recommending a full stop to all scholastic sports activities until Jan 1, 2021.
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Think it's bad in the states? Hockey Quebec says "Hold my beer"

Knowing the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, Brenda Bourdeau hesitated before registering her 11-year-old son for recent hockey tournaments and upcomi...

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