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Who's playing where from 14AA thru 18AA for the 2020-21 DVHL season?

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Anyone have experience with rinks only allowing one parent inside to live stream game. What works best? Did you use an iPhone, iPad?? Private Facebook group?

Any help is appreciated.

Does my kid have a shot at playing college hockey?
We disregarded all of the recruiters. Why aren't coaches pounding down our door?!!

COLLEGE HOCKEY: Senior year in High Sc...

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Every PA local rink (non black bear) has already somewhat conformed to occupancy limits set by Wolfe on 10/6 via their website or continues to provide LiveBarn services to its patrons. (Hatfield, Ice Line etc see below in detail)  We all did what was asked by the district, the rinks and emailed and ...

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So there has been a positive Covid-19 test for a DVHL midget player.
Does that mean there will be some schedule changes this weekend?
Can the team play or practice in the next 14 days?
Also hopefully they have no major issue and was aware enough to infect anyone else.
The first weekend is in the books.  ::)

Thoughts, how'd it go? Are you a fan, or not? Are there any complaints?
Come see USA Hockey play against NAHL Johnstown Tomahawks live, in person @ 1st Summit Arena.

Is your PAHL to DVHL USA Hockey sanctioned hybrid game cancelled due to player availability? Come...

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I know there is a lot going on with wolfs reinstatement of limits on crowds. Iceline back to no spectators.

but is there any reason Aston ice works cameras are down?

Hello Everyone and Thanks for letting me enter the forum
Just wondering if anyone has heard of the Atlantic 8 Mite full ice league.I can’t seem to find anything online about this league??When I google,It sends me right ...

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Please be mindful that not every venue is operating under the same guidelines.

Each operation isn't the same and regulatory actions will be different from location to location, county to county, and township to t...

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Hatfield Ice COVID-19 Policies
UPDATED: 9/30/20
In an effort to help our customers remain healthy and safe, Hatfield Ice will be implementing the following rules and...

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