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Up next, USA Hockey

The Story

Hockey Canada has lifted its ban on sanctioned activities and is allowing the country's 13 member organizations to i...

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Considerations for Youth Sports | CDC

In Pennsylvania, no youth sports practices are permitted until Green Phase, and then it's no contact only. Coaches should check with their insurance and...

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Hey guys, just wanted your input on things.

So I currently play U18's, and next season I will most likely play in the OJHL. However recently, multiple scouts of a NAHL team reached out to me through text asking me to go to their pre - draft camp. I've also received the "mass - send" email...

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Serious topic / question here

I am not here to debate thoughts on the coronavirus.  If people are expected to sign in early June,  whether tier 1 or 2, will there be a condition in the contract to forgo payment if another spike in cases shuts down the rest of the season?


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I’m hearing rumors of some rinks secretly being open during quarantine. Does anyone else know about this?
With COVID-19, do you guy think there will be travel tournaments this year or no?
I saw on nhlfeed yesterday there are rumors that the players will have to wear full face shields, nobody will be allowed to spit when they need to and something the NHL has always wanted anyway zero tolerance fighting. I'm not so concerned with the latter for youth hockey but since all other lea...

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I am curious to know, and perhaps somebody can provide an answer. Why are the hockey organizations around the area still collecting registration fees? Though some are minimal why is this? I've even seen some who are not allowing the fee to be part of the tuition. No ice is being rented, no coaches a...

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How does this affect the June tryout expectations? I don't see this guy opening our region any time soon, particularly not June. While the numbers continue to decline according to the CDC he and the tri state area governors continue to extend and ask for more disaster money.
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