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No wonder the teams were close to going with a new league this season. Among other things,  I cant comprehend how in 2021 a HS league's website is so horrible. If you can even navigate it, you will see that 2 weeks in and no game results have been posted yet. Thats ridiculous. If your going to take the money, do the job!

Two weeks in and you're worried about standing and stats.  Talk about ridiculous.

I would agree with you if I was "worried about it".

Its just crazy that a league that was almost abandoned by its member teams for being poorly run still does not care.

Your making me stand up for the SHSHL.   I may need a shower after this post.   Isn't it the TEAMS responsibility to post the games on the website???   If so wouldn't it be the teams fault that the scores aren't posted.   

I know at the middle school level the teams post the scores it maybe different at the HS level.  If it is then my bad but I would think it is the same.   


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