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Anyone know the highest a DVHL team has ever finished in Tier 2 MyHockey rankings? Last year had two strong finishes Blazers 16AA at 21 and Team Philly 18AA at 20.  Genesis was tops at BAA at 49.

This year Team Philly 16AA is at 6 and Blazers 18AA at 22.

Also, any DVHL teams ever win Nationals?

Delaware has a few NC’s and runner up placings.

You can pretty much look it up. They have all the old archives. Ice Dogs won nationals at 18s and 16s years back. They finished pretty high. Lehigh Valley Flames finished 20 a while back and were as high as 3 at one point. I think that season Ice Dogs finished 5.

Yes. Ice Dogs in 2010 and 2011. Old York Road in 2010

2011 Ice Dogs 18AA team won nationals were ranked #3 in US.
2012 Ice Dogs 16AA team won nationals were ranked #1 in US.


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