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2022-2023 season


I am wondering with Black Bear having the AHF and controlling many rinks and I assume the clubs and club names if they will have the same coaches as these clubs had in the past, will the parents have any say or position with the team like  team managers. Will we be able to have a say in different tournaments.  If anyone has any info please share

I’m a manager for a team in a club staying in the Dvhl.  I’ve always tried to see what the majority of parents want before considering tournaments.  With a Black Bear club, I don’t know how much time you’ll have for tournaments being already committed to a 40 game schedule with the showcases.  That’s unless Black regularly schedules you two league games in one day to leave the typical tournament weekends open.

In my experience, the team managers aren’t chosen among the team’s parents.  It goes: who is connected to those in charge, who wants to be a manager, and finally who has good organizational skills.

If you're trying to decide if anything is going to be affected by Black Bear you just need to ask yourself one question. Is there any alternative to what I'm doing that can make Black Bear more money? If the answer is yes, Black Bear would prefer you do that. If you don't do that they'll just threaten you until they can get what they want. THE END

Any word on Flyers youth?
Will they be joining the AHF, stay with Nj and travel north, or maybe move to remaining DVHL league?


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