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2023 Tryouts

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Just realized that tryouts for 2023 wrap right around Easter with most schools in recess.  It would have thought that whomever makes up the master schedule that all programs follow would have used some common sense before picking April 5-12 for Tier I and II tryouts. 

Tryouts can begin any time on that date or later.  They don't have to be on the specific date.  I guess when there's nothing to complain about, we can find something.

I don't know about the other leagues but dvhl tryouts have always been around the easter break for school but it always has to be after nationals I think. Remember almost all of the teams with the exception of b are already in place at tryouts. The coaches are only looking for a few players to fill in and in rare cases there's a kid who is better than a kid on the current roster and they have to cut one who has to go to a lower team they don't want to be on. Don't be fooled thinking coaches reinvent their teams every season but that's what the clubs want you to think so you switch over.

Once one club puts out their date for evals the rest follow suite. Clubs try their best to have evals on the same dates that way a player can't go around to different clubs to eval. They try to have them as soon as possible once the previous season is over, coaches and players want to know their team and start to get ready for the next season. Evals in April, teams announced by May and off ice plus some practices in late May early June getting off the month of July for full swing travel to start in Aug. Remember now with the AHF parity in late June clubs can't wait to long to get things rolling.

The Delaware Ducks have already announced their tryout dates.

April 10,12,&17 2023.

Delaware Ducks – The Patriot Ice Center


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