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POLL: Decisions based on AHF - DVHL changes


Can't seem to post a poll so hopefully admin can change this.

Based on the AHF - DVHL changes for next season I am curious what parents plan on doing.
1) Stay with current club and play AHF
2) Stay with current club and play DVHL
3) Change Rinks to play AHF
4) Change Rinks to play DVHL
5) Play School Hockey only
6) Look into other sports

2 and/or 5

As a parent I plan on letting my son try out for whatever club he wants, which will likely be the same club he's now on since that's where his friends are.

Lol. A lot of complaining over the past month but based on the poll results, it looks like everyone is going to just stay where they are. A whole lot of hot air for nothing.


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