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Where did everyone go???? So quiet!

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Why so quiet on her??? Looks like an account has to be created to comment. Get a set,  and fire away !

I was wondering what happened.  It was getting depressing on here.

Youth Hockey Info:
The same constant regurgitated youth hockey league rhetoric became both annoyingly repetitious and served no purpose with continuous posting of the same content except worded differently. Guests, (the same original posters) were taking advantage of double, triple, quadruple posting the same content over and over which buried other content, so we closed guest posting.

Youth Hockey Info:
If you have something to say, register. You can say it with one account instead of saying it 5 times as a guest starting 5 differently worded threads with the same subject. Most if not all of you are adults who act like 2 year olds.

I was at a showcase this weekend. Talked to other team parents, around 30 people. All are upset at Youth Hockey Info & won't sign up. The hockey world is a small community where everyone knows everyone and you see the same people year to year. No one wants to reveal who they are while posting. People want a place to vent anonymously without fear of getting punched by a crazy hockey parent. Everyone knows what I am talking about, as there are 1-2 on every team! I think this was a mistake by Youth Hockey Info and your site will get less traffic.


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