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My experience using an iPad to record 10 years' worth of our kid's youth hockey games.

I've been recording my kid's games for the past 10 years, all of them actually, around 800 or so combined between the two of them, from club to school, and everything in between.

In the beginning I tried an HD camcorder, but I found the size of the viewing display was a little too small and cumbersome to be able to follow the action. I often found myself either ahead of the play, behind the play or lost trying to find where everybody is because I zoomed in and either forgot or didn't realize I had done it by accident. Keeping the camera steady holding it independently or on a tripod was also a challenge. Yes, the camera came with the digital stability control, but it doesn't work all that well when people in the stands are moving around or in packed arena's the kids often jump up and down making the bleachers bounce.

Halfway through our boy's second season I saw a mother using an iPad to record. In which case I asked how well it worked and she informed she never had a problem. I watched a little of her recording in action and I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of use and the ability to capture everything without losing focus or placement during the play on the ice. Because the entire viewing screen is your display to keep track it's literally impossible to lose your bearing during game play.

I've been using the iPad since 2012. Some elements of my game recordings evolved over time such as the addition of the iOgrapher. An iOgrapher is a device used to hold the iPad independently or on a tripod. In some cases, a tripod isn't an option for game recording due to various circumstances, specifically space availability. The dual handles provide excellent support and allow you to hold almost completely stabilized. Later on, around 2016 an app became available to add a scoreboard overlay and watermark similar to what you see on professional game broadcasts. The app even allows you to stream to your favorite streaming platforms like Youtube, Twitch, Facebook and a few others as well. That feature however is contingent on wireless bandwidth strength in the hockey rinks. If you're looking to step up your game in video recording this is the way to go. Have fun!

What you'll need to create your own pro sports-like video productions

* Apple iPad
* ScoreCam App
* iOgrapher
Example broadcast from this past college season. All of these home games were both recorded and streamed live to Twitch without any quality issues.


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