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AHF Showcase #1


What a great job the AHF did for both Showcase #1 weekends. It was a fun atmosphere with parents just cheering for their teams and not too much complaining. Maybe the parents will actually start acting like adults, enjoy the games and cheer on their children. One can only hope. Here's to a drama/conflict free season!

 While the showcase was ran as well as most tournaments it surely had it's flaws. The home team had to provide a clock and score person. While most clocks are similar they are also different. The rink we played at gave no reference sheet on operating their system. I do the clock at all our home games and it took me over half a period to figure theirs out, the refs were cool about it after I explained that their clock system is different then ours. The showcase is advertised as a way to play teams in the AHF not in your division, but that wasn't the case. We played 2 games against teams in our division, all it did was save BB teams from traveling an hour or so to us while we drove past their rinks to get to the showcase location. As far as play in the AHF so far the games have been pretty good at non BB rinks. In BB rinks the games have been good until the officials decide to take over and make it very lopsided. No matter where we played surprisingly the parents have been pretty well behaved. Hopefully the games continue to be good battles with less official bias in BB rinks.

Just a coincidence about BB refs being biased. All ref assignments come from the district not the rinks. Trust me the biases come from the refs relationship with the coaches. Our team is from a BB rink and never get calls from the refs because our coaches do not have relationships with refs. Also a lot of the refs are young now and easily influenced by more vocal coaches and a parents. Agree about clock issue, but that is the hosting rinks problem. The rink should have someone on site to help with clocks. Our manager knew what rinks we were playing at and was given a video by the rink on how to operate the clock. Maybe your team did not do this. Parents have been well behaved for the most part, except at Hollydell. But that is expected when playing a Hurricane team. PHC parents are great (I have one playing AAA and one playing A).


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