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Release for 7 year old

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Morning- my 7 started learn to play hockey for a neighborhood rink in December. We opted for a tier 2 team for sept 2024 as our local rink didn’t have option before AAA travel. I am completely unfamiliar with hockey but have recently asked to be released from the tier 2 team as the rink 1 mile from our house introduced a half ice this year and there was enough interest. I agreed to pay full balance and hoped it would not be an issue as games and practices have not yet started. It’s also a bohemeth rink with 3 8u teaks, travel, etc. they are stating it will jeopardize the season. Contract makes no mention of releases or termination so didn’t know they were required. It’s a 2 minute commute vs 45-60 minutes  which means the world to my kid who hates being in the car at 7. A rink is a rink is a rink to him. I screwed up but hoped it could be resolved since still so early. Any advice, direction?

Not sure which section you are in as you did not mention where you live, and every section has their own rules and protocols.

Having said that, two things:

1) There should be no contracts for 8U(there isn't in my section)

2) My understanding of a release is that you have met your financial obligation to an organization. While this may be frustrating to an organization that you want to leave 2 months after committing as they may have turned away other players for your child, it should not be something that keeps you there. If you have offered to pay the full tuition to the organization you are leaving, there should be no reason to deny you a release.

I would reach out to someone in the administration of your section/district(see link below) and ask for clarification on what the rules on movement are and how it applies to your situation.

USA Hockey Districts & Affiliates


Thank you! Will do. We are in South Jersey.

It is a disgrace..these organizations only care about money, as does the AAHA and USA Hockey.
This is why this sport in the end will fail kids and parents in this area.

Check the prior thread before you make the decision to go to Pennsauken.


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