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Does anyone have the video apparently going around of one of coaches at the liberty bell games calling players pussies and then a mom a fat bitch? Youth Hockey is out of control, you have to wonder what his job thinks of that behavior.

His job? It’s Chris Kanaly the AAA hockey director at Black Bear/Black bear academy. His job is Hockey. I wasn’t in that rink as my son was on the ice in the other rink playing but i saw the police aftermath and saw the video.  Let’s hope Black Bear AND USAH do something. I’ve seen parents kicked out of rinks/organizations for way less.  son’s helmet was knocked off in a tussle he started. A kid on the other team tossed it over the glass.

Unfortunately my guess is “his job” doesn’t care and won’t respond.  Same group that tells you they want to make good men as well as hockey players.  What ? Huh?  #DaddyCoach

Post the video so everyone can see. If you say it was started by CK let's see it. I have never seen CK act like this so I an dubious of your claims.

I was there and witness Chris Kanley acting out of control cursing at kids and also cursing at parents it was ugly and no coach should be allowed to act this way

All the games are on Flo Hockey. Do your research there, come back and tell me you disagree. I’ll be here waiting for your agreement. 


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