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Can't believe some of the players that did not get a call back and some of the players that did. The AAHA Quebec South team is a joke! Every year we get killed. This years team was 90% picked even before tryouts. Team will be 85% JF/PHC with maybe 5% LF and then whoever else wants to ride the bench! District is so stupid! Say what you want about BB, but they would actually pick the team objectively and not put rink directors favorite players on the team! Also heard district will pretty much black ball any BB players if it is a choice between AYHL or THF kid! Can't wait until my kid is older so teams are picked based on ability and not who you know! What a joke!

BB has staff on the selection team. You’re just making shit up.

They don’t get killed every year. 2010 and 2009 went deep in the event.

2011 Flyers team was terrible besides a few deserving kids, the best team was not picked in the end. I believe 8-9 JRF kids made it and 6-7 of them could have easily been replaced by other kids that did better at Tryouts. That team was politically chosen, 1 kid who is a AA player at best made it just because of who his Mother is and her Flyers connections. I am sure this years Team will be picked with a ton of politics. In the end save your money.

Truthfully though, why shouldn’t this years Quebec South team be mostly PHC & JRF? They’ve been the two best teams in area the last couple of years. The 2012 JRF team has won championship or been a finalist every year and PHC was certainly the best team during the regular season. Not many teams   were well represented  except for PHC and JRF. There are quite a number of AA kids that made initial cut and we’ll just have to see who makes final roster.


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