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The sandbagging has started! A SJ 11UAA team entered a B tournament in Delaware and crushed everyone but the BB Girls Selects team that was put together at the last minute. They then act like they just won the Stanley Cup! Should have entered the A tournament, but when the coach, parents and players can't take losing, sandbagging is the best option. This is why we left 2 years ago. Players improve the most when they are challenged and taken out of their comfort zones. NS and his minions obviously disagree!

I know team in this post. Some of the same kids played on Zelects last summer. Win at all costs even if that requires playing B level, though this team is AA. Pathetic!

this is yet another reason why all tournaments are a waste of everyone's time. every tournament has teams that play down, and it's just unfair. i know this is spring, but everyone feels that it is a "badge of honor" and a requirement to go everywhere for tournaments when you cant even beat the teams close to you...

Welcome to spring tournament hockey. Last year we played a AAA team that advertised on their site that they only go in top AAA tournaments but yet we played them in a AA division. Our team was 80% AA and 20% A, including my A level goalie. It happens during Spring tournaments all over at all ages and it won't stop. We lost the 1st game 7-2 and faced them again in the playoffs and lost 3-0. They lost the championship game to another AAA team 2-1. We were proud of our boys for the way they improved against them. My kid gave up 2 in almost 2 full periods the 1st game and 2 in about a period and half in the playoff game.

NS was so worried that his team might lose that he couldn’t wait an hour to vape. Idiot was vaping on the bench in front of his team during games. I guess that is ok with whom runs the tournament, USHockey and whomever.

Way to go, another great role model.


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