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Genesis Parents: plans for next year?

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Curious what Genesis parents are thinking about for next year considering the club will not play in the AHF.  If the option is to remain in the DVHL and put together a Frankenstein schedule, will you be looking to jump ship?  Maybe more a question for parents of AA kids that won't have competition in the DVHL next year.

Staying. All said and done, we will play around 55 games this year with only about 22 in the dvhl. A lot of it is how good a team's manager is and their ability to schedule competitive non league games with local teams.

Stay in the DVHL were they have a easy ride to districts, unlike the AHF and their Independent status, that has no guarantee to districts unless they are a top 2 independent ranking in their state in the my hockey rankings. Another AHF lie to get non BB teams to join the AHF.

That’s a district issue that needs to be addressed.  The AHF has far more teams and their path to districts should be as fair as anyone else’s path.  Counting us as independent is crap.

Reality is that the majority of area players don't make playoffs, let alone districts. This really just comes down to a Ford v Chevy, Pepsi v Coke. Genesis is pot committed to the DVHL and will fight to the end to keep the league alive. We're in a AHL rink and being objective, I like it more than I liked my 6+ years in the DVHL. I would like to see the leagues merge so we can play our area rivals/friends.


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