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How to handle problem Fathers?

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Another season is coming to an end. Fun, but way too long. Met some new friends again, bu I now have 2 more sets of parents on my list to avoid. 3 seasons of hockey and 6 parents on my list. A pattern has formed- 2 difficult parents/team/season. Praying next season breaks the pattern and I am still at 6. What a crazy sport!

Good luck, it to my son's second year at 16u to not have annoying parents


--- Quote from: Guest on February 19, 2023, 08:19:54 PM ---Good luck, it to my son's second year at 16u to not have annoying parents

--- End quote ---
Sorry for the horrible grammar. It tool until my son's 2nd yr of Midget hockey not to have annoying parents

Exactly! Another example of a great parent coach is the Valley Forge Minutemen 08(14U). Their coach is Alain St. Hilaire, who played D1 at Sacred Heart. While I am not a member of the 08 team, I am in the organization. Watching their practices and knowing a couple kids on the team, they are structured, the kids seem very happy, and they are a good team, having won the AY and competing with other top teams. While some parent coaches are always going to abuse the situation, there are others that are in it for the overall team, rather than just their kid.


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