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Teams leaving the AHF?

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I’ve heard rumors that teams are looking at leaving the AHF to go back to the Dvhl.  Who are these teams exactly?  The only non BB owned teams are Wissahickon, Lancaster, Team Philly, VFC, and Haverford.  WBS isn’t owned by BB, but was never in the Dvhl.

I suppose VFC or Team Philly could see the Dvhl as an easier path to districts, but I don’t see an incentive for any of the other teams.

Jr Pens were always in the DVHL until this season.

WBS Jr Kight, not the Jr Pens.  They really should merge, but that’s another topic.

I think the comment is referring to WBS Knights not Jr Pens. They also forgot the Phantoms Youth as an AHF team not owned by BB. Team Philly and VFC will not leave, the rink owners are officers with the AHF and made money off the showcases just like BB rinks did.

Wissahickon is not leaving the AHF.


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