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The future of youth ice hockey and the burgeoning inline hockey race

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No body contact.   Not real hockey!

The kids love it no pressure from coaches and they all get to play alot. Nobody cares what the parents think either.


--- Quote from: Guest on June 17, 2021, 04:54:09 PM ---No body contact.   Not real hockey!

--- End quote ---
my son is a squirt and plays both ice and roller I have to say the refs let a lot more contact happen playing roller than they do playing ice we played at state wars in Indiana last year and they were full in checking with no calls clean plays nothing dirty but full on body contact I think roller hockey has great value , there are a ton of pros and nil Ahl echl not to mention NCAA div 1 and lower players who all play in the off season just look it up n YouTube you can see for yourself

NHL players do it in the off season and power skating instructor Robby Glantz says it s the most effective off ice training for leg work.

Roller hockey? We talking about roller hockey? 😂


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