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New USA hockey rules.. spoiler alert..ugh

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excellent points, not sure how these games will get done without running clocks

Teams will adapt.  Having automatic offsides and icing always in effect will not cause the games to go over the ice slots. 

The big changes are to the contact and standard of play definitions and rules.

It will not reduce game times, I expect them to only go up.
You can still ice the puck it will just be called icing.
As a coach, I would still have the team ice the puck as many times as needed if they could not get out cleanly or to the redline.
After 2 or 3 straight icings add the time for  the officials to retrieve the puck and conduct a new faceoff my penalty killing unit could be rested or changed.

Then you are a crappy coach and are the reason that USAH makes changes like these.  They are trying to force to you to teach your kids to play position, handle the puck, and create scoring opportunities while short handed.  No offense, coach.

Adm doesn't teach any kids how to play their position or situational play, it doesn't even encourage it, in fact usa hockey doesn't encourage teaching position or situation until midget.. And for most thats too late. It teaches kids how to practice in stations and play soccer or kill the man with the ball on the ice after practice. Its the dumbest teaching philosophy for kids.


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