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LI Gulls leaving AYHL?

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on what website is the matrix located?

Gulls are out, will be dominant program this year, AYHL would provide little competition

took entire Midget program from Avs

so the league has lost LI Gulls, Suffolk PAL (Jr. Isles), NJ Rockets

in addition, PHC (which is very strong at certain levels), does not belong to AYHL

you are left with 2nd tier clubs outside Avs (Midget program is a disaster), NJ Cols (another Midget program that is disaster) and maybe Jr. Flyers/VFMM (take your pick, they are way too close to each other to each have team at each level

end of AYHL?  could the Bear be smelling this?

Pretty much dead on.  The league is top heavy, with a lot of dead weight at the bottom.  Too many "Tier 1" programs in the District which leads to a watering down of talent across the board.   

The Avs midget program is a wreck now.  But in a few years when their money man's younger kids are getting near that age, he will pour his resources back in to bring it back to what it was. 

AYHL needs change in leadership, same jabronies have been calling the shots for the last 20 years, we deserve better as paying customers, our kids deserve better with a better product, too many Tier 1 teams, independent teams popping up everywhere, losing flagship programs like Rockets/Gulls, South Jersey is complete mess (Lil' Flyers/Fly Elit stink, PHC not in league)


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