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Council Rock Ice Hockey History | Media & Archives

Council Rock Indians Ice Hockey History

Council Rock Indians Media and Archives

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  • Dan Blum: Snaps the single season goal record February 1996, originally held by Mike Cardonick, (49g in 1983) after scoring a hat trick to record goals 50, 51 and 52, Feb 8, 1996 against the North Penn Knights.

  • Rich Schwab: The only CR North graduate to have collected all 3 Flyers Cup titles, 1988 (AAA), 1991 (AAA), and 1992 (AA) and both PA State titles, 1991 (AAA), and 1992 (AA). The 1988 team dropped from the PA State title game

  • Lance & Ross Porubski, and Tom & Eric Kratchwell: The only 2 CR Indian brother pairs to win separate Flyers Cup titles in 2 different seasons. Lance in 1988 (AAA), and Ross in 1992 (AA). Tom & Eric in 1991 (AAA), and Eric in 1992 (AA).

  • Chris & Mark Cervellero, and Tom and Eric Kratchwell: The only 2 CR Indian brother pairs to win the Flyers Cup together on the same team, Chris 11th grade, Mark 10th for the 1987-88 season. Tom 12th grade, Eric 11th grade for the 1990-91 season.

  • Council Rock Indians "VARSITY": Varsity Team Photos

  • Council Rock Indians "JUNIOR VARSITY": JV Ice Hockey History

  • The Cervellero Experience: A history of pregame photos at the Cervellero house
  • Newspaper Articles: 87-88 Philadelphia Inquirer Columns

  • Newspaper Articles: 90-91 Philadelphia Inquirer Columns

  • Newspaper Articles: 91-92 Philadelphia Inquirer Columns

  • Video Classics: Rock game videos from various seasons

  • More to come....

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