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Sunday, Jan 15, 2023 | Youth Hockey Info


Quakertown skaters re-position themselves to up end the Trojans

Wissahickon goes up by two early before Quakertown mounts a comeback

By: Quakertown Panthers News

COLMAR, PA - It was an uncharacteristically different lineup for the Quakertown Panthers on Wednesday night as players were asked to assume roles, they're not accustomed to due to player unavailability. These are some of the challenges coaches are presented with which are sometimes necessary in order to be able to be competitive in High School hockey. The Panthers went into the game missing two of its four Defensemen. Forwards Branden McNally and Kiera Shaw stepped up to help on the back end, and the rest of the squad picked up in all of the other areas as they addressed the changes collectively with a brilliant team effort.

In the first period Wissahickon came out strong with Will Hussa picking up the game's first goal to open the scoring. Hussa picked up a missed outlet pass from the Quakertown defensive zone. Hussa, cruising through the neutral zone saw the opportunity and intercepted the cross-ice volley. Hussa moved in and fired a wrist shot from the top of the left side circle beating Panther's goalie, Matt Krem. About a minute and a half later with the Trojans buzzing, they picked up their second of the evening after a persistent forecheck by Nolan Pounds forced a turnover to Alex Winkowski. Winkowski fired from the point and Jack Raebiger picked up the rebound as he stuffed it past the prone Panthers goalie. With two quick goals scored in the first five minutes you'd think the Trojans would have taken the wind from Quakertown's sails, but not to be out done the Panthers came right back striking one minute later as Kiera Shaw won a puck battle in the neutral zone along the red line, springing Branden McNally, as he skated across the Wisssahickon blue line McNally let fly with a wrist shot beating Fletcher Lynch to cut Wissahickon's lead to one goal. Forty-five seconds later the Panthers Cole Slemmer got into the scoring mix after an unnecessary cross-checking penalty was taken by the Trojans. Quakertown got right to it as Branden McNalley made a cross-ice pass to Slemmer who danced his way into the offensive zone toe dragging around two defensemen before burying a wrist shot from the top of the slot to even the score at two apiece. Both teams traded a goal each over the remainder of the first period, Jack Diliberto picking up a shorthanded goal for the Panthers and Raebiger picking up his second of the game at even strength. The Panthers scored two more unanswered goals over the remainder with Cole Slemmer picking up his second of the game in the second period, and Branden McNally also scoring his second of the game in the third. Quakertown was able to shut down the Trojans in the second half with Matthew Krem taking the "W" and a big 34 saves.



2:24 WISSAHICKON #19 Will Hussa (even strength)
4:15 WISSAHICKON #6 Jack Raebiger (even strength) (#5 Nolan Pounds, #36 Alex Winkowski)
5:19 QUAKERTOWN #6 Branden McNally (even strength) (#9 Connor Ellmore, #89 Keira Shaw)
6:06 QUAKERTOWN #28 Cole Slemmer (even strength) (#6 Branden McNally)
10:41 QUAKERTOWN #58 Jack Diliberto (short handed) (#9 Connor Ellmore)
13:57 WISSAHICKON #6 Jack Raebiger (even strength) (#14 Aiden Brooks)
8:11 QUAKERTOWN #28 Cole Slemmer (even strength) (#6 Branden McNally)
10:10 QUAKERTOWN #6 Branden McNally (power play) (unassisted)

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