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Saturday, Feb 11, 2023 | Youth Hockey Info


SHSHL Division Champions and Remaining Placements Update!

2023 SHSHL National, and American Division First Place Champions

By: SHSHL News

National Division

The end of the season is rounding out and it's now mathematically impossible for any of the remaining National Division teams behind Council Rock South, (1 game remaining, 17 PTS) to overtake number one.

CR South has sole possession of first place, thanks in part to their January sixth overtime loss to the Souderton Indians. That single OT point has given the Golden Hawks controlling power with full ownership of the regular season's best record, regardless of how the remaining teams finish including Council Rock South who has one game to play on their schedule, win or lose they are number one. That leaves second place through sixth open for business over the course of the remaining games to battle it out for the their respective placement in the playoffs.


  • Pennsbury, (1 game remaining, 14 PTS)

  • Pennridge, (2 games remaining, 12 PTS)

  • Neshaminy, (2 games remaining, 11 PTS)

  • CB South, (1 game remaining, 10 PTS)

  • CB East, (2 games remaining, 9 PTS)

  • CR North, (1 game remaining, 8 PTS)

  • CB West, (1 game remaining, 7 PTS)

American Division

There's no surprise here, the Abington Ghosts, (no games remaining, 22 PTS) were projected to be number one and they met the challenge. They had a few bumps in the road with their schedule but for the most part placed where they were expected to in first place and have won the American Division. The three remaining divisional teams fighting for second and third place will undoubtedly be prepared for a knock-down, drag out final game as only three teams make it to the post season.


  • Plymouth Whitemarsh, (1 game remaining, 12 PTS)

  • Quakertown, (1 game remaing, 12 PTS)

  • Wissahickon, (1 game remaining, 12 PTS)

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