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SHSHL Digest - Wednesday September 2, 2020 | 2020 SHSHL Hockey Season

The SHSHL Digest will serve as a resource posting all SHSHL news and information which relates exclusively to the "Suburban High School Hockey League" and it's participating clubs and associations, including all information pertaining to Varsity Ice Hockey at all levels and divisions.


9/2/2020 - HIGH SCHOOL HOCKEY IS BACK, for now!

On Monday night, 8/31 the SHSHL board and associated participating membership reps voted unanimously to proceed with team related activities such as evals and practice, competition will remain on hold

There are 3 possible scenarios to begin the season, all are contingent on occupancy limits being extended beyond the existing 25 person max. The AAHA is currently in discussions with state congressional officials on a compromise.

  • Begin the season on time, November 1st
  • Begin the season delayed until the week of Thanksgiving
  • Play a shortened season, delayed until January 2021
Where any of this goes remains to be seen, however it is good news nonetheless. As is the case, the situation is fluid and is subject to change at a moments notice. Any new information which becomes available will be updated accordingly.

SHSHL Voting Results - Proceed or delay interscholastic sports activity?
Voting is now closed and according to the results it's quite clear the majority of votes are in favor. Click or tap on the image below to view discourse.

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Here are a few reminders as the season approaches:

  1. WEBSITE | ROSTER | SCORESHEET - Your Website Roster and Scoresheet label must match. The USAH Roster and Matrix must list all players for the player's primary team. Swing players should only be rostered on the lower team's USAH Roster & Matrix. Players may not skate in a game unless listed on your Website roster and Scoresheet label as well as a USA Hockey roster and matrix.

  2. REFEREE PAYMENT - The home team pays both referees during the regular season.

  3. SCOREKEEPER | CLOCK - CHANGE - The home team will provide two volunteers to do the timekeeper and scorekeeper in the scorebox for every game. The away team does not need to provide anyone.

  4. FINALIZING SCORESHEETS & SUBMISSION - The home team is responsible to e-mail the league a copy of the scoresheet after the game, please e-mail to [email protected]

  5. WEBSITE GAME RESULTS! - *IMPORTANT* Game results must be entered online with 24 hours. This will ensure accurate up to date results for all SHSHL levels and divisions.

10/11/2019 - The SHSHL Schedules are released!!
Scheduling for 2019 SHSHL Varsity AA/A
Scheduling for 2019 SHSHL Junior Varsity AAA

Scheduling for 2019 SHSHL Middle School AAA/AA/A/B

  • The schedule should be released over the next few days.
  • Middle School will start on Sunday 10/27
  • High School will begin on Wednesday 10/30
10/4/2019 - SHSHL 2019 Scorekeepers Box Rule Change

With the new rule in place, the home team will be responsible for handling both the clock and the score keeping duties. It is each club or associations responsibility to share the announcement with their teams respectively. Each team rep for all levels .... READ MORE
10/2/2019 - SHSHL division alignment has been released. Some big news follows.

The Upper Dublin Cardinals have chosen not to ice a team in any division this season. Therefore the Truman Tigers will move down from AA to A and will fill the gap. The Quakertown Panthers are back for 2019 and will skate in the Continental AA division. While the Council Rock Indians emerge from playing independent in 2018 to also skate at the AA level in the National division.
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