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Council Rock Indians Ice Hockey History

Pre-Game Dinner At The Cervellero's

The pre-game dinner at the Cervellero's wasn't exactly what you would consider "standard", much of which was ritual. The "dinner" served as both fuel for the big game, AND rookie initiation. The Varsity veterans would discuss the importance of the game, why we were there for dinner and what was to be expected on the ice. While the rookies, most of which were trembling with fear wondering what was about to happen to their hair, they got initiated into the program with a special haircut. The haircut was whatever design an existing vet could imagine and then brought to life on his teammates head. The player, after the haircut was complete was to wear the new hairdo as a badge of honor until the hair finally grew back in. At which point they were allowed to go ahead and get it cut the way they wanted, they were now varsity hockey players for the Council Rock North Indians.
Other Interesting facts
  • Two of Varsity's biggest fans were girls, they too got their initiation cut and were welcomed in as resident varsity teammates!
  • Most players got their blades sharpened by Mr. C, there wasn't another person in the county who could sharpen a blade like him. You skated on knife blades when he was done with them.
  • Mrs. C. made the best, most gigantic meatballs around. That was a meal in and of itself!

  • Pre-Game Dinner 1989


    Pre-Game Dinner 1988


    Pre-Game Dinner 1987

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