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Author Topic: Snider Hockey  (Read 3044 times)



Reply #20:
 June 26, 2019, 07:35:24 PM
Snider Hockey may allow anyone in Philadelphia or parts of South Jersey to play for free ...... but you get what you pay for. 

There is no focus on development, the coaching is poor.  The staff are generally kids that work there for the paycheck.   Anyone who is serious about hockey or has any talent will leave for better opportunity.   Again, you get what you pay for ... Snider will have you at poor facilities in he worst neighborhoods in Philly.

Also, their agenda is clear.  They get money from corporate sponsors to pay their bills and staff therefore they go out of their way to make sure the minorities get the most opportunities and publicity because it makes Snider look good and puts more money in their program.  They clearly favor female and minority players because it makes the program look good for their corporate sponsors.  I’ve had Parents of minorities and females tell me how aware of that they are and how they know they get special treatment.   There are so many kids it’s more like a community after care program ..... very easy for players to just get lost in the mix and be bored and not challenged and not enjoy Hockey.


Reply #21:
 June 26, 2019, 08:09:14 PM
I’ve seen first hand the favoritism that occurs at Snider. 

I’ve seen black players get added and put on DVHL teams after a team was picked when the player didn’t even go to tryouts. 

It’s one of those scenarios where if there is a black player available it doesn’t matter how good or bad they are or if there is 5 white kids who are better .... they make sure they get black kids or girls on their travel teams and in all the Snider Facebook photos. 

You also deal with an organization full or Parents who know nothing about Hockey (the game or the commitment) and it doesn’t matter if you go to practice or not ... all kids play.   

It’s good for inner city kids who have nothing and you can’t complain about something that is free ..... but as far as a Hockey program for real travel Hockey .... it is pretty terrible. 

Reply #22:
 June 26, 2019, 08:16:24 PM
That's the end of that.