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2020-2021 Approved Tier 1 Teams

List of approved Tier I youth/girls programs for Atlantic District
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any good jokes or stories

I’m bored, tell me a joke or story

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Iceworks Closed!


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USA Hockey cancels districts

You heard that right they are cancelled. Not postponed.  :o

Thank you Glen for following the sheep. This was my kids only last shot.


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Push back Tryouts due to Covid-19

Should USA hockey  push back evals to avoid exposure? Rinks with multiple surfaces will be very crowded. Lots of battles etc will be taking place and small area games. USA hockey should react here.

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Anyone know why the DVHL went away from a double elimination in their playoffs?

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Lady Islanders

Moving to LI and looking for program for our girls to play in.  Anyone with thoughts on Lady Islanders in Dix Hills?

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Coach Lists

Ohh boy the lists are starting to trickle out. Get your popcorn ready !!!!

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DVHL playoffs?

Two weekends and nothing about the DVHL playoffs?
That's surprising.
A bunch of great close games and of course a few peewee parents getting thrown out of the building.

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Open Period (Recruiting) — dvhl/ayhl

When can a coach/parent speak to a player on another USA hockey roster without it being tampering/a rule violation. Unclear on Atlantic District/USA Hockey site that I can find. (Taking about squirt thru bantam) 

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