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Youth Hockey Info is the end result culminating from years of travel frustration. As parents of travel hockey players our lives consist of what seems like endless road trips from rink to rink, state to state and/or country for much of our children's youth. As weekend road warriors existing mainly out of our vehicles we rely almost exclusively on a mobile device to provide guidance to what we need or where we want to go. In April of 2018 Youth Hockey Info was born.

There has always been this site or that site, some sort of app to help along the way, but it always seems that something is missing, emergency information or critical details which had we known prior would have possibly alleviated the inevitable headache. Not to mention, it's a lot more convenient to be able to manage your information in the same familiar format instead of hopping from site to site trying to figure out how to navigate. We spend more time figuring out how to use apps or websites than we do trying to find what it is we are looking for! Always in that endless pursuit of instantaneous gratification I've compiled most common travel specs which in most cases would be best to know beforehand. Youth Hockey Info provides the team and destination rink details as well as most important travel specs such as emergency care, lodging, travel routes, restaurants, bars & pubs and local attractions in one easy to use interface.

This resource is accessible on a tablet, computer or any handheld wireless device. It is APP FREE which means there is no client side install, and it won't drain your battery like most apps do, mainly because apps remain active in order to receive updates. Simply make a shortcut on your desktop or mobile device and you're ready to go. Leagues, teams and rink destinations are being added daily. For up to the minute news and updates, Like or Follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Consult General Site Wide Info for information on navigating and managing your Youth Hockey Info Website experience.


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