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Author Topic: Black Bear Purchases Royals LLC and Wintersport Closing  (Read 6749 times)



Reply #30:
 January 30, 2020, 08:11:36 AM
Conniving parents are a big part of the problem.  Schemers.  If you have problems with who is on what team, this is likely the source of your issue.  If you find your kid not making a team, and he/she is good enough, it is likely that someone influenced the coach/others to get in first.  Human nature.  People pass and cut into the exit lane when there is traffic.  If nobody is there to make sure it does not happen, it will happen.  People are disgusting, you know?

Oh, and, in unrelated news, some DVHL clubs seem to take sandbagging to whole new levels. 


Reply #31:
 January 30, 2020, 08:11:46 AM
The ice dogs didn't fold. Genesis is ice dogs with green uniforms a different name and wildcats players. What both did is avoid the dvhl rules and both are similarly guilty as charged. Who cares anyway because both organizations are the same size now and both play out of 3 rinks. I think its great because Royals is even closer now and I don't have to travel to Wintersport anymore next season.


Reply #32:
 January 30, 2020, 08:51:54 AM
The worst part is that the team will be rink owned now. It’s all about the $$$$ and no longer about the best interests of the players and families. **** did a phenomenal job! Running a nonprofit “club.”Always put the kids first.
This is a business now. **** has a job and it’s to bring in more business. It’s all about the $$ now. Less about developing better players. Quantity not quality.
  I don’t disagree with the move. Black bear is a big business and they bought the rink and now royals to make money. Just calling it for what it is. 


Reply #33:
 January 30, 2020, 09:49:31 AM
In my experience with the royals **** is a great guy... but coaches are left unchecked they are coaches just cause they were coaches the year before. They aren’t held accountable for the growth of their players. Some families use travel ice hockey as an activity not a commitment They aren’t dedicated to the kids getting better just as something to do when it’s convenient.


Reply #34:
 January 30, 2020, 10:57:07 AM
Former NHL star Ray Ferraro was asked to talk to parents of a hockey club that was going through a tough time, with parent expectations at an all-time high.

This is what Ferraro told the parents.

– Minor hockey is out of control in terms of Parents chasing the dream for their kids instead of kids deciding on their own how passionate they are for it and how bad they want it.

– In the last 10 years only 21 kids who either played at NSWC or BWC have appeared in at least ONE NHL regular season game. Point is if your banking on your son collecting an NHL pay cheque to solidify his and yours financial future you seriously need to stop and come up with a new plan and now.

– The odds of going pro are extremely low but the odds of having to find a career and a job to pay bills and be a husband and father are extremely high and it’s not dictated by if you played AAA hockey

– Parents need to enjoy the ride while you have it … your son’s minor hockey days end too quickly and often times people end up regretting what they did not know then and what they ending up missing because they were focused on everything but their kid having fun

– As a parent who devotes time and money to your son, the only right you have to ask is they give it their best … not how much ice time they get, if they play on the PP, who is their winger or D partner

– Don’t pay for power skating, dryland training, skill development and expect your son to score 50 goals, if you decide to invest in extras do it because your son asked for it and wants to improve and has a smile on his face each and every time … too many parents decide what they want their kids to do instead of their kids asking to do it.

– 12 month hockey is wrong … organized skills sessions, tryouts, spring hockey is too much and too taxing … kids can shoot pucks, stick handle, play street hockey but they need out of the mental insanity of a hockey rink and need to be engaged in something other than hockey … the time away reinforces the passion to want it

– Coaches are coaches we all know the game and think this should be done a certain way … how come we never tell our kids math teacher how to teach calculus but we think as parents we have the right to tell a hockey coach how much ice time and with whom and when our kids should play.

– When you evaluate your kids season, never base it on how many banners they won, what provincial they won, what tourneys they went to and won … ask yourself what improved from September to April, what did he learn or improve upon including non-hockey stuff … evaluate the season besides wins and losses but gains and improvements. Just let them play, learn and develop. Pressure is high enough, no need to make it worse.


Reply #35:
 January 30, 2020, 11:13:47 AM
Former NHL Ray Ferraro don’t know sh*t!


Reply #36:
 January 30, 2020, 11:23:50 AM
The merger or buy out is what it is. The bottom line is that these kids have a place to play next year since Wintersport rink is being sold and torn down. It is tier Ii hockey so all the issues that are common to tier Ii clubs will be there no matter where a club plays or what their name is. Just let the kids play and enjoy their time playing hockey.


Reply #37:
 January 30, 2020, 11:36:36 AM
The merger or buy out is what it is. The bottom line is that these kids have a place to play next year since Wintersport rink is being sold and torn down. It is tier Ii hockey so all the issues that are common to tier Ii clubs will be there no matter where a club plays or what their name is. Just let the kids play and enjoy their time playing hockey.

I agree with this. Why does anybody whos kid is playing somewhere else care? So wintersport gets torn down who cares? The royals are staying and that's all that matters its great news. Heres a shocker all tier ll is exactly the same and there are politics everywhere. If you dont like your option go somewhere else theres 50 other tier ll hockey associations around the tristate area. Drive more and spend the same only to find out its no different anywhere else. Good for the royals its good to hear they wont disappear again.


Reply #38:
 January 30, 2020, 11:59:44 AM
This merge creates HUGE growth, and that growth is good for Black Bear. This was a no brainer business decision. Hopefully Black Bear will be good to the rink in return, and then we’ll see the trickle down in ALL the programs. LTS, LTP TierII, TierI no matter what the names are these are youth hockey programs that only succeed with growth.
Only time will tell that, and everyone needs to wait and see or go find the next best whatever. But more then likely the next best thing is the same situation we were last in it’s youth hockey.

With so many players involved in both organizations the leveling of the teams which will be plentiful, could be great. I would think with Black Bear now owning and operating there will be more support and accountability for all areas of the Programs. Again only time will tell.

It takes a long time to build successful programs there’s gonna be kinks for sure.
Both leaders for the Royals/Revolution did their jobs. If you have never volunteered or been in a position within a club or organization you shouldn’t throw stones.
In youth sports as a whole we are loosing good ones; leaders, coaches, officials, volunteers, and most importantly players. There are many facets to youth hockey, and not enough NEW PEOPLE get educated or involved. This hockey thing changes and grows, but on OLD fixed ideas. It’s real easy to stand on the sidelines, but to make a difference is the goal. Ask yourselves “did you make a difference”?


Reply #39:
 January 30, 2020, 02:58:36 PM
The problem with things like this is it leaves you wondering things like. How long was this in the works? What exactly are evaluations/tryouts gonna look like? Who plans on coaching?

I mean let’s be honest it’s not like both clubs are perfect organizations.... No one wants to be a problem parent but let’s be honest this isn’t cheap and more often then not parents aren’t treated like paying customers.. when spending this kind is of money questions will be asked and usually no answered. And the more questions get asked the more likely parents get labeled....


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